TROP Team Predicts: Here are our gaming predictions for 2020!

The future for gaming is bright. With a slew of massive titles already announced this year, we are going to be utterly spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming. And yet, we feel like this upward trend is not on the downturn yet.

The TROP team have made our predictions of events and announcements that may happen in 2020. Our predictions were not made on any prior insider knowledge or any information that has already been announced. What do you think?


Paddy’s predictions

1. Escape from Tarkov will be in the top 5 selling games of 2020
2. PS5 will have SSD game cartridges
3. The Last of Us: Part Two will be named game of the year
4. Grand Theft Auto will get a series on Netflix
5. A major company will announce another streaming platform

Ronan’s predictions

1. Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will be a PS5 launch title
2. Fortnite will see a massive decline in player base
3. Final Fantasy VII won’t release this year (If ever)
4. Bloodborne 2 will be announced for PS5
5. Stadia will continue to fail and will be discontinued after new consoles are released

Úna-Minh’s predictions

1. Final Fantasy XVI will be announced
2. Nintendo will announce something like a Game Boy Classic
3. Rockstar will announce GTAVI
4. A large games studio will vote to unionize
5. The PS5 will outsell the Xbox series X in the first few months

Stephen’s predictions:

1. Destiny 3 will be teased at E3
2. PS5 will outsell Xbox and take the holiday seasons at least in Europe
3. Epic Games will unionize or end up in civil suits over excessive workload and poor work environment
4. 4k version of the Nintendo Switch will be released
5. Fortnite will have a movie announced

Pat’s predictions:

1. Arslan Ash will dominate the Tekken E-Sports scene
2. Street Fighter 6 announced
3. Ape Escape 4 or a new game in the series will be announced
4. PS5 will be fully backwards compatible and have access to select titles from PSP and PS Vita through PSN
5. Ratchet and Clank will get a new game that continues on from Into the Nexus

Seán G’s predictions:

1. Konami announces a proper Silent Hill game, either a new one or a full remake of an old one. It will either involve Masahiro Ito or Hideo Kojima. Or both
2. E3 will have big next-gen reveals for some franchises that have been missing for a few years – the next Arkham and Bioshock games for starters
3. Fumito Ueda’s new studio will announce their new game this year, and it won’t be a Playstation exclusive like all their Team Ico games.
4. Devolver’s E3 conference will be even madder than previous years and will include Hotline Miami 3
5. Nintendo will announce a monster Christmas line-up to keep the Switch going against the new console launches, including Breath of the Wild 2, Bayonetta 3, a new Mario game, and finally the resurrection of F-Zero

Sean B predictions:

1. Square Enix will delay Marvel’s Avengers a second time this year
2. GameStop will avoid bankruptcy but barely (it’ll be 2021 or 2022)
3. Nobuo Uematsu will win the best soundtrack/score at the game awards for FF7R
4. At least one country will introduce new, major legislation for the regulation of loot boxes
5. Sony acquires at least two new studios for the development of exclusives

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