Optic India Releases Entire CSGO Roster After “Forsaken” Hacking Scandal 

Written by Kevin O’Connell

Optic Gaming and parent company Infinite Esports are in hot water after releasing the entire Optic India roster, after it was found that Nikhel “forsaken” Kumawat was caught red-handed using hacks, specifically aim locks, in a recent LAN event. 

During the eXTREMELAND 2018 Asia Finals, a lesser known but still major CSGO tournament with a $100,000 prize, the Optic India and Revolution game was paused for 20 minutes for a “serious” issue. In CSGO2ASIA’s report, they said that the B5 Anti-Cheat flagged “suspicious activity” which gave the queue for the head administrator to investigate. After a brief exchange where “forsaken” refused to give the admin access to his PC, the admin forced him to alt-tab out where he saw a “suspicious program” running as the player frantically closed the program and deleted it before the admin could stop him. 

Between the admins’ record and the anti-cheat system, eXTREMELAND felt that was enough evidence to disqualify Optic India from the event, and immediately send “forsaken” home on the next flight. Below is footage of “forsaken” pushing away the admin as he deletes his cheats, as well as one of the suspicious clips from that very match. 

 After further investigation, the “ezfrag” cheat files were recovered and shows that “forsaken” is very bad at hiding them. His method? Naming the file something else, in this case, “word.exe.” That’s basically the hacking equivalent to you naming a folder “DefinitelyNotCheatFiles”. 

Many big players in the region said this was no surprise and been calling out “forsaken” for months. Which is even more convincing after “forsaken” had been found to have cheats on the SSD he used, in an investigation by ESL India on all players in their previous ESL India Premiership Finale. Optic India won that event. 

Team-mates were adamant they had no idea about “forsaken” hacking, and I am inclined to believe them since they were a team only cobbled together last May/June as Optic Gaming was trying to get into the CSGO India scene. The problem is, while the rest of the team are innocent, that didn’t stop Optic from releasing the contracts of the entire roster, essentially using “forsaken” as an excuse even though they admit the rest of the team are not at fault. 

Optic India’s Statement on Twitter 


On top of that, “forsaken”’s place in the team was already questionable. He has been VAC banned in the past on another account for “Steam Account Sharing”, where he was selling accounts, but somehow managed to turn a 2-year ban into a 6-month one, because he convinced the Integrity Commissioner that he’s never technically been the owner of the accounts. The Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith, must feel silly now after saying “I trust the price forsaken has paid is a lesson to those who indulge in these practices and that they now know stop doing it.” 

Image by CS:GO Press Kit

The companies official reason for dropping the team was that they “grew too fast”, which according to Richard Lewis, a top analyst in CSGO, was obvious with how fast Optic and Infinite Esports were trying to grow with huge investments over the last year, not just here. 

“No s**t,” said Lewis. “People on the outside looking in could have told you, you were growing too fast and were throwing enough s**t at a wall to see what would stick.”  

The biggest shame about all this is that 4 other players, who finally got their break to make it pro, currently have no career because of Infinite Esports haste to put together an Indian team, and “forsaken”’s cheap hacks that didn’t even have a kill switch. What I do love though, are the memes. 

 If you want to see more suspect plays by !forsaken!, check out the video below, where he moves like a silver, but aims like a god. 

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