Charming and fun: Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a family hit

Written by Grace Jessop

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third instalment in the Luigi’s Mansion series. It’s a charming and fun game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This is especially true, as Luigi’s Mansion 3 won the award for Best Family Game at The Game Awards 2019.

Luigi, Mario, Peach and a group of Toads, along with Luigi’s pet ghost dog, Polterpup, check into the spooky Last Resort Hotel. The hotel is later revealed to be haunted, and Mario, Peach and the Toads have all been captured and trapped in paintings. Bad news for our protagonist! And as it turns out, the hotel owner, Hellen Gravely, freed King Boo from his imprisonment that occurred in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon!

Luigi must explore all 17 floors and save his friends while capturing ghosts with his Poltergust-G-00, a ghost vacuum. Poltergust-G-00 sucks up items or ghosts and each level contains a massive collection of items that can be vacuumed up. While not everything is particularly important to vacuum up, it’s definitely satisfying to do so!

I adored the Poltergust-G-00

The Poltergust-G-00 also includes a flashlight which has a stun charge where you charge your flashlight and release a flash of light that can activate certain devices:

  • A darklight, which is a special, colourful light that can reveal invisible items.
  • A suction cup, where you can shoot a plunger at flat surfaces and use your vacuum to hit items against the ground or open certain doors.
  • A burst attack that can push enemies away

The most notable addition to the gameplay is Gooigi. Gooigi is a goo clone of Luigi. He can be used to go through pipes and grates and solve puzzles. He can also help Luigi out if the job requires two people.

I found the gameplay fun and there were many creative ways to use the different abilities. The gameplay never felt stale or repetitive. Capturing ghosts was a fun challenge, but was never frustrating or tedious. Each floor of the hotel had a unique theme and was very enjoyable to explore.

The animation in Luigi’s Mansion 3 was very charming. Luigi has dynamic facial expressions and is always reacting physically to what happens around him. The way he walks, his facial expressions and the tone of his voice actively change depending on how scared he is.

The lighting is very effective in this game at creating a certain mood. For example, if there are ghosts hanging around on the floor, the lighting will be dark and scary, when you clear the ghosts from the floor, the lighting will get brighter and it gives you a sense of relief after fighting the ghosts.

The environments have a lot of variation, for example, one floor could be garden and plant themed, one could be disco-themed, and another could be a big gym. A lot of the items in this game have physics. They can be pushed around or even thrown or shot with the Poltergust-G-00. The graphics are satisfying and beautiful to look at and really add to the beauty of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The music in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is simply wonderful

The soundtrack is very jazzy. It includes pleasing variations of the main Luigi’s Mansion theme and some new tracks. The music feels like it has been made with a lot of passion and each track fits the theme of the floor very well.

I had a lot of fun with this game, although I felt it wasn’t as ‘big’ as say, Super Mario Odyssey, it was still a good addition to the Luigi’s Mansion series. I hope to see more games that feature Luigi as the main protagonist in the future! For me, this is family fun must-buy game – you won’t be disappointed.

Images via the IGDB Press Kit for Luigi’s Mansion

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