Legendary Failure At Niantics Pokemon Go Fest

AN event failure all around

This past Saturday, July 22, 2017, Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go, held an event in Grant Park Chicago Illinois in the US.

Thousand from all over the world flocked to Chicago with the promise of increased Pokemon spawn rates and double XP, as well as the promise of of the first release of the legendary Pokemon.  In order to participate in the event you had to purchase a ticket for $20, these tickets however were sold out within 20 minutes of first going on sale, and were soon scalping on ebay for $200 and up over $1000.

The event was event however did not run smoothly almost half of the attendees experienced massive lag and app crashes and made it impossible for some to even catch basic Pokemon never mind legenaries. it seams that whatever niantic changed in the game in order to spawn at the event only, cause big problems for the game.

There was also no signal boosters or wifi hotspots to better cope with data demands, so you can imagine with thousands of people trying to connect in one location, mobile services were spotty at best for some, with reports saying AT&T customers were the worst affected.

Legendary Pokemon

Its not all bad though, many of us fans around the world were excited to learn that legendary Pokemon would be available as early as Sunday morning July 23.  i can confirm that these reports are true as a gym in my town spawned an Articuno, however i was unable to gather enough players (20 is recomended) in order to beat it, which is required in order to capture the pokemon.  so keep an eye out.  Many players in dublin and other large towns and cities have successfully beaten and captured a number of the legendary birds.

Niantic has today released a statement an apology and that refunds will be given to all attendees in the form of $100 of in game currency and the Legendary Pokemon Lugia will be added to their account.


By Kevin Toner





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  • Gerald
    July 24, 2017 at 12:53 pm Reply
    We did raids all day yesterday and I can confirm that you don't need 20 players to take them down. 8 experienced trainers are enough as long as they choose the correct Pokemons: Golem, Tyranitar, Omastar... All with the best rock move as possible.

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