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Fortnite is the highly addictive game from epic. Its a game that is free to download across pc/mac Xbox and PlayStation. Fortnite has captured the gaming world on a small island.

Epic makes its money from this game with a mini transaction system. Players  have the choice of several skins to wear or you change your umbrella you fly into the map on . I have found epic not very pushy on how they approach this angle of monetization. The outfits range from knights to  a ginger bread man and many more . Fornite will leave you wondering where the time went.

Players have been  fighting it out for that winners umbrella. I have been playing a lot of player vs player. I find it’s great game to hang around with your mates.

The epic team bring us to a mini island for a loading screen. We then gather  a 100 people for chaos. All players are then gathered into a party bus or what maybe should be called a war bus. Ready for battle!!!


The next topic you and your team have to discus is where to jump out. Do we go for all out chaos or take the safer route ? we can either jump off in the middle of no where. which u have a better chance to survive the first ten minutes. which comes at a cost and that is more than likely running. If you are like me and my mates, we take the safer but more time running approach

The reason for all this running is the map shrinks every few minutes. A storm surrounds the island and shrinks to a certain point, If you find yourself inside this storm it will drain you of your health until it kills the character, so you must stay in the circle to stay alive.

Once you make the decision on where to land you then jump out and head in that direction hoping to land on a house or barn . Any where u might find a weapon or a shield potion really . Players can find an arsenal in chests spread randomly across fortnites map, either in attics or basements. if you’re  lucky when u walk into a building.

Players have to run in front of the storm trying to stay alive and taking out the enemies on the way to victory. Can you and your squad be the best ?Also can do a solo run , which can have its ups and downs on a squad run.

A few essentials of the game you should know if you’re to win a game on fortnite are as follows


The weapons range in strength and Distance capabilities . They also come in different colour forms of rarity. Weapons include pistols, shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers and you can also pick up hand grenades .

Weapons in fortnite come in five different colours. They are in a big range of different types and very enjoyable to pick up a rare one. Even if you cant shoot. A shot for a close up fight and a sniper or a rocket launcher would be my favourites.

The weaponry in terms of rarity are as follows,

Common – Grey
Uncommon – Green
Rare – Blue
Epic – Purple
Legendary – Orange


Across the map you will find blue potions that you will drink to develop your shield to allow you to take more damage , Coming in two forms 25 percent and 50 percent shield . They are a must if you’re to win a game of fortnite. Medical packs are also spread across the map, they come at 25 percent or 100 percent to restore your health.


Another aspect of the game that you will have to master is building. Players have to mine essential materials such as wood, metal and brick to build protection for themselves or to build a stairs up to a chest or a mountain. You can pick up these materials by bashing your pick axe off the objects in the game such as houses, boulders, cars, bridges etc. Nearly everything on the fortnite map is destructible, The only thing I’ve found to be indestructible is the landscape.

Players are better off to learn how to build quickly as it will help as an opponent is launching an attack , it will give u a place to develop your master plan  on taking the opposing characters out. If you are lucky enough to get to the last 5 it will be a essential to build up high and wide to give yourself a better chance to finish off the remaining opponents, Also the stronger the material the better. If you use wood it will be destroyed very easy, if you use metal it will take hits for longer.


Fortnite has many towns with many different names each at different sizes. Each town with different places to hide in or tactical angles to shoot from.The island  with has names like anarchy acres and fatal fields, so  you can guess what is waiting inside them. If you drop into a town get ready to fight, as many players will land in towns to have the best shot at gathering the most supplies and staying in the circle. The fornite map is wide scaled and you always have the feeling that you have much more to discover. Epic has said that they will add more maps in future, Which will probably be when we get the hang of this one.

The circle

To stay alive in fornite you must stay inside the circle. The players on fornite land on the island and have one minute before a circle appears randomly on the map. All players then have a about two and a half minutes to get inside the circle before its starts closing in. If you’re not inside the circle before the next timer is finished it will start to drain you health until ur character dies. This a a tactic to make sure the game finishes under a certain time.


Fortnite is a very popular game and its not hard to see why.It has tons of reasons to come back and will be around for the foreseeable future .fortnite has very simple gameplay which allows players to have fun in the chat as well as on the game play.

Id rate this 7 out of 10 🙂

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