Five Reasons I’m Not Looking Forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 

Written by Kevin O’Connell

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), at the time of writing this, is mere hours away from the hype-train arriving at its destination! While many have been looking forward to midnight for months/years, I was in two minds whether to get the game on release or wait a few weeks until my mate cleared it and rob it off him instead. Unfortunately for my wallet, I decided the former and bought the game once my wage went through today, so I could have it pre-loaded for tonight. 

Some of ye are already thinking, “If you pre-ordered it then why the hell aren’t you looking forward to playing it, ya bloody eejit.” Well, despite purchasing it prior to release, I am not looking forward to how many hours I will be grinding away at this game. 

As a fan of nearly every major Rockstar Games release since I was 6 years old, hell yeah, I’m going to be playing the crap out of this game, and I’ll be genuinely surprised if this isn’t my personal game of the year! But too much of a good thing can also be bad for us, otherwise, we’d all be eating pizza every day! So, here are five reasons I’m NOT looking forward to playing RDR2! 

Halloween is cancelled 

I was raised in a little village called Knockagoshel in Kerry, where absolutely nothing happens, except once in the year when a huge festival is held for Halloween. Thousands of people from all around the country come to our little village, bringing the streets to life in an otherwise dull place. Halloween is in my blood and is my second favourite excuse to drink outside, of course, Saint Patrick’s Day.  

But why the hell would I bother this year when I can get locked at home and play RDR2? I might even dress up as a cowboy and roleplay with my awful John Wayne impression, as I empty a bottle of whisky down my oesophagus.  

Image by Rockstar Games Press Kit

Black Ops 4 is pretty good 

For a long time, Call of Duty hasn’t impressed me much. Not since the first Black Ops has a game in this series really spoke to me, except now. I was really impressed with BO4, and really wanted to put some solid hours into it. Blackout is the most polished Battle Royale experience since everyone and their mothers decided every game must have this mode, and they did a really good job in almost all aspects. The game felt fresh, recovering the series like Robert Downey Jr. getting clean after years of substance abuse. Of course, out of the three developers for COD, Trayarch were the ones we all believed in the most to succeed in revitalising the series, regularly thinking outside the box while the other play it safe.

Not like I’ll be playing any of it for at least a few weeks… Blackout might be very good, but has there ever been a greater battle royale than that of the actual Wild West? What a 20 to 25-minute stint in Blackout, was the day-to-day life of a cowboy! 

It might be nice to go outside 

Sometimes I look out my window, wondering what could be going on in the outside world. A woman, likely in her thirties, driving past at 3:15PM in her 2012 Skoda Octavia, working on her makeup in the mirror because she didn’t have time to get it done before leaving.  

“Probably picking up her child from school,” I thought. I look further down the street to see a man, in a cheap, but well-fitted suit carrying a briefcase going door to door. He looks nervous. Likely just hired to sell life insurance or trying to get people to switch. Hopefully, he’ll stay on that side of the road. On his path is an old man, sitting on a bench opposite to a park, eating a bacon sandwich as he innocently watched the children playing and having fun. Every now and again I’d see a grin, likely reminiscing of times long gone. He should probably talk with the man in the suit.  

Sometimes I think about going outside and seeing what it’s like for myself. Maybe go fishing or something normal people do? But with a massive open world and wilderness to explore, why would I? I bet the people in RDR2 who don’t shoot at me won’t blabber on about how “Jerry down the road had an affair with his wife’s own mother! Bless us and save us,” promptly kissing their rosary beads and chanting Hail Mary 73 times. Bet people in the game will tell me more about the time they survived a bear attack with nothing but a rusty spoon and a pile of dried up seaweed, while you wonder where they got such a fine fur coat. 

I’m Broke 

Unlike some, I don’t have funds to spend frivolously. Week on week I survive on that single paycheck and no more. Bills, food and fuel ravage that already meagre sum. What remains is all I have left for what is my life, and that is games.  

Image by Rockstar Games Press Kit

But a full €70 is a rarity for me, who would normally wait for the next Steam Sale to fill my quota of games for the following months. That coupled with the fact that I won’t have time to cook since I want to 100% RDR2, means my bank account will basically be a food diary with all the just eat orders being made.  

I’ve just started FaceIt on CS:GO 

For those that don’t know me, I love CS:GO. If I’m not playing it, I’m probably watching pros play it. I have always been beast at FPS games, but no game has ever given me a challenge as CSGO does. I didn’t understand the concept of “bottom fragging” before playing this game. Now that I am decent after over 500 hours of practice and competitive games, I’ve cut ties with the awful matchmaking system and started paying a monthly subscription to FaceIt.  

FaceIt is an external matchmaking client for CSGO, with wonderful 128 tick servers, few to no hackers, as well as players that have mostly decent mics and actually try to win or at least have fun. Not once have I heard the words “Rush B, Cyka Blyat” unironically, or someone call hacks on the enemy teams’ worst player. For a CSGO player, this is utopia.

But you know what I can’t do in CSGO? I can’t wipe species to the brink of extinc… Ohh wait… Nevermind! 


In all seriousness, I hope Red Dead Redemption 2 meets, or even exceeds our expectations, and going by the reviews thus far today, it looks like that might be the case. Even Jim Sterling, a critic well known for his harsh but honest opinion, believes RDR2 has the best ever story in a Rockstar game as they aimed for something more realistic and heartfelt than the satirical nature of GTA. 

Like I said, I have been a fan of games by Rockstar for almost 20 years now and I have little doubt in my mind that this will be a disappointment, at least for those who haven’t overhyped it for themselves.

Who else is excited to go gunslinging in the Wild West once more? Let us know in the comments! 

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