European Games Week Cancelled

European Games Week Cancelled

written by mad man Pat kerley

Conventions are a time of celebration, events where we come together to embrace the media we love, whether it be comic books, anime or gaming etc. They are places where you can meet people who share your interest and bond over it.

European Games Week was a take place on the 21st and 22nd of September and was to feature many great attractions from incredibly talented voice actors the like of Reuben Langdon who voices character of Dante from the Devil May Cry series. A large Fortnite championship, a cosplay event and loads of other events and bits and bobs to do.
On Friday the 13th of September the EGW(European Gaming Week) was cancelled.

 Checkout what Mark from allcast Irish Gamers and his bullshit detector found out 

While it is kind of ironic the news dropped on Fryday the 13th of all days, it is an unfortunate site to see a gaming event being cancelled and that it might leave a sour taste in people’s mouths about other conventions. But let’s have a look and see why the EGW had to shut down.

The reason behind the cancellation from EGW seem to relate to two sponsors pulling out last minute along with not being able to cover the cost of event insurance. Refunds for tickets will be issued, though you will have to go through the site you bought the tickets on. There excuse for the closer of the event does seem to be questionable to a certain extent as you would expect things such as event insurance to be handled months in advance rather than mere weeks from the event itself. The EGW has had a very similar issue happen to it before when it was originally supposed to take place in July though was pushed back to September.

With how late this announcement came it gives of a feeling that this event was possibly being mishandled behind the scenes. Much anger is now being directed towards the EGW for people who have booked accommodation and those who paid for flights to attend the convention though please remember that the EGW is nowhere near an accurate interpretation of all the other great conventions that take place around Ireland,

Unfortunately, this leaves people who booked hotels and flights in a rather bad situation, though we at the Republic of Players have a solution for you! We have teamed up with the Guild of Nerds and Mini Arcade Systems to bring you a one day event called Dublin Gaming mini con For free 🙂 that will take place on the 22nd of September in the Wynns hotel Dublin, it will be a bit of crack with a multitude of events being held. It will be a free event to anyone so if your bummed about EGW not being on why not come down and hopefully make some great memories..

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