No 10- teenage mutant hero turtles: turtles in time   Turtles In Time is a sequel to the original TMNT Arcade game but it betters it in every way. If ever a game justified the existence of the Super Nintendo Multitap, it was this – four player co-op with everybody playing as their favourite Turtles? […]

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UFC 3 Beta Impressions

The BETA has just dropped for EA UFC 3  and it features 12 lightweight fighters to use in Exhibition, Ultimate Team, Online and Practice Mode. After playing 25-30 matches I wanted to give my impressions so far. So lets get to it! Gameplay Anytime EA makes a change to animation’s in any of their sports […]

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The snes mini

super Nintendo mini Nintendo has pulled another classic move they have on several occasions.Many people have pre-ordered the SNES mini but many have been left disappointed. My question is why does Nintendo insist on leaving a sour taste in the mouth of consumers.It seems many people have decided not to order one item but several, Nintendo have […]

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Why do we play computer games? Gaming allows us to escape to other worlds filled with adventure and with the hope of completing a story that is laid out in front of us, filling our gaming memories which one day will turn to nostalgia. I think modern games have seemed to have gone the wrong […]

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