A Blast from the Past in Dublin’s Token

Rebirth of the Arcade

Everyone enjoys recreating memorable moments of their childhood and none were more memorable to me than spending hours in my local arcade. Sadly, as gaming has got more main stream and consoles are becoming affordable, arcades are slowly fading away. That is, before Token was open.

Token is an arcade bar, pinball parkour and restaurant and these days, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. From the moment I walked through the door I felt like I had stepped into a time machine. There was a display of retro games and consoles followed by a high score board which brought back great memories of leader-board chasing. I knew instantly they had nailed the atmosphere and retro vibe of an old arcade.

I was greeted by a very polite and enthusiastic member of staff who led me to my table.
The menus were converted video game magazines and all the food and drink was video game themed. I decided to go with the weekly deal that included a main course, drink and 10 tokens to use on the machines all for under €20 which I felt was great value.

Food glorious food

The food is described as “high-quality fast food” and it ended up being just that. I order the Bacon DBL Cheebee meal which included two bacon cheeseburger sliders, herb fries and a soft drink of choice. The burgers were amazing. They were made from top quality beef and topped off with melted cheese and salad. The chips were also great and came lightly seasoned with tasty herbs. The portions were perfect, and I felt very satisfied after I finished my last bite.

The atmosphere was in full swing as I finished my meal with sounds of old retro games. I was excited to explore the building and see what games were playable. You will be glad to know that there is a great selection of games like Time Crisis, Golden Axe, Mario Kart 64 and more.

Game on

Classics like Street fighter 2 and Pac Man were also present. It felt great playing those games in an arcade after so many years. The 10 tokens went a long way in ensuring I got to play just about everything with some of the highlights being Tekken Tag Tournament, Metal Slug 3 and Space Invaders and if pinball is your thing, there is a pinball parlor downstairs which holds a great selection of machines.

Overall, my experience in Token Dublin was amazing. I would recommend anyone wanting an evening of retro vibes and great food to go and experience it for themselves. In a world where arcades have become nothing more than old buildings and nothing really exists apart from great memories, Token Dublin remembers what made these places so special. It has done a great job replicating every inch of what made these places an integral part of our childhood.

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Photos by Hazel Coonagh Photography

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